COVID-19 Prediction and Monitoring Solution


Predict COVID-19 at the early stage before symptoms appear by using our wearable vital sign monitoring device VT-19.

Improve Quality and Productivity of Care


VitalTracer’s medical wrist device continuously tracks bio-signals in a form factor, enabling widespread and remote vital signs monitoring in real-time.

Montre intelligente VT19
Montre intelligente VT19

Early Detection of Suspected COVID Symptomatic Cases: 

Early detection of flu-like symptoms such as high heart rate, fever, cough, and increased sleep duration will decrease delays in COVID diagnosis, thus enabling clinicians to target robust isolation measures to high-probability cases and preventing further community spread.


Monitoring of positively diagnosed outpatients

Early detection of deteriorating vital signs such as hypotension, low blood oxygen saturation and recurring fever can help improve patient care by reducing delays due to complications management.


Remote surveillance and diagnostic

Access to patient data in real-time remotely and instant alerts in case of deterioration allow for remote surveillance of health and contagion in elderly residences and private homes. 

Continuous vital sign monitoring

VT-19 constantly measures important vital signs such as skin temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen levels in the blood.

Instant Alerts

Caregivers and medical professionals can receive instant alerts to know of a potential or a deteriorating case allowing for better efficiency.

Desktop and Mobile App

Signals can be displayed in real-time on VitalTracer’s powerful desktop and mobile app.


VT-19 is designed to be a medically certified smartwatch that regurlarly monitors all your vital signs. The measurement is constant and proprietary through the wrist.

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