VT-19 Smartwatch (pre-order)



Packed with sensors, VT-19 is a medical patient monitoring device that continuously measures vital signs through the wrist allowing for remote surveillance.

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Measure multiple vital signs continuously with only one device

VT-19 Smartwatch is a small, low-power monitoring device packed with sensors to measure vital signs, such as ECG, PPG, SPO2 & Heart Rate, and Body Temperature with an easy to use design.

VT-19 collects, stores and retrieves raw ECG and PPG signals from the built-in memory which are then analyzed and vital signs are estimated continuously with the aid of artificial intelligence.
Vital signs data is available on the desktop and mobile app simultaneously..

Our medical-grade smartwatch provides a wide range of raw bio-signals that include PPG signals from red, infrared and green sensors, ECG signals, and physical signals such as accelerometer and gyroscope data.

VT-19 uses biomedical sensors on the wrist to continuously collect bio-signals in real time. Stored in an online cloud-based environment, these synchronized bio-signals are translated into reliable vital sign measurements such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and body temperature.

Specifications and manual



37 × 40 mm (with 2 handles for watchband)


OLED 128 × 64


200 mA – LiPo


BLE 4.0 / USB / UART


ATmega328 – 16 Mhz


ECG, PPG, Gyroscope, accelerometer, IR temperature