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Packed with sensors, VTLAB is a medical-grade smartwatch that continuously monitor vital signs through the wrist.


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VTLAB is a small, low-power monitoring device packed with sensors to measure vital signs, such as ECG, PPG, SPO2 & Heart Rate, Body Temperature, Motion, Step count, with an easy to use design. Bluetooth capabilities, VTLAB collects, stores and retrieves raw ECG and PPG signals from the built-in memory and displays them on the desktop and mobile app simultaneously. The signals are analyzed and vital signs are estimated continuously with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Additional information


37 × 40 mm (with 2 handles for watchband)


OLED 128 × 64


200 mA – LiPo


BLE 4.0 / USB / UART


ATmega328 – 16 Mhz


ECG, PPG, Gyroscope, accelerometer, IR temperature