Alpha Tester (for research purposes only)

Made for infants, toddlers and children, our VT-Patch uses biomedical sensors to continuously collect biosignals in real time..


We offer a warranty on all our products: $65 for 1 year and $99 for 3 years. If you need to claim against the guarantee, please contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.

Collect raw bio-signals with only one device

Our VT-Patch uses biomedical sensors to continuously collect bio-signals in real-time. 

VT-Patch collects, stores and retrieves raw ECG and PPG signals from the built-in memory 
Vital signs data is available on the desktop and mobile app simultaneously.

Our patch provides a wide range of raw bio-signals that include PPG signals from red, infrared and green sensors, ECG signals, and physical signals such as accelerometer and gyroscope data.

Specifications and manual

VT-Patch (Alpha tester)


Type: 200 mA – LiPo


38 x 85 mm


BLE 4.0 / USB / UART


ATmega328 – 16 Mhz


ECG, PPG, Gyroscope, accelerometer, IR temperature